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The website privacy policy

Data administration

We would like to provide you with information on how we collect and process your personal data on the site. The site data administrator (hereinafter referred to as “Hie”, “Hac”) is Agro AR 1 OOD, EIK: 203249165, which is responsible for the protection of your personal data.

For the link:

Agro AR 1 OOD, BG 203249165, Mail:, phone: +359 88 846 571. It is of utmost importance that the information we provide for Bac is accurate and up-to-date. Please notify us if at any time there is a change in your personal information, click here to update your personal information in your user profile.

Please pay attention – when submitting your personal data, confirm that you are at least 13 years old. In the event that this is not the case, it is unlikely that we will immediately contact you to take action to delete them.

What data do we collect about Bac, for what purpose and on what basis do we process it

Personal data is any information that can identify a given person. Anonymous data is not included in this category. We process the following categories of personal data:

Communication Data includes any communication you send to us, whether through the communication form on our site, via email, message or social media post. or other type of sent message. We process this data for the purpose of communication with you, for keeping documentation and for the establishment, enforcement or protection of legal claims. The Judiciary considers this use to be our legitimate interests, which in this case is to respond to communications, documentation, and information or The protection of peacocks.
Customer data. Key data related to the purchase of goods and/or services, such as your first name, fax number, delivery number, email address, other contact details (telephone nen nomep), statistics for Bashite poĸypĸas and pygĸas. We process this data to deliver goods and/or services to you and to keep reports on such transactions. The legal basis for this service is the execution of the contract between the Bank and the Bank and/or the taking of steps by the Bank to conclude such a contract.
Personal data. Key data about how you use our website and other online sites, together with any data you post on our website or through other online sites. We process this data in order to improve our website and to ensure that we provide suitable content, to guarantee its popularity, to support our customers. information on our website and/or database and to enable us to manage and administer our web site, other online games and business. The legal basis for this use is our legitimate interests, which in this case allow us to properly administer our website and business.
Technical data. Key data related to the requirements of our website and online games, such as your IP address, login data, information about your website, the obligation to follow the rules them on our website, site views and navigation paths, subcommittees for the our website, the time zones and other technologies of the website that you use to access our website. The source of this data is our analysis tracking system. We process this data to analyze the use of our website and other online services, to administer and protect our business and website, to provide relevant information and advertising, and to preserve the effectiveness of our advertising. The legal requirement for this service is our legitimate interests, which in this case will allow us to properly administer our website and business, to conduct business and to is our mapping strategy.
Mapping data. Key data related to your preferences for receiving marketing information from third parties and your preferred method of communication. We also process this data so that we can include you in our promotions, such as games, events and freebies, and provide appropriate content and feedback. well, and correspondingly to save the effectiveness of these ads. The legal basis for this use is our legitimate interests, which in this case will help us to help customers use our products/services to comply with them. , to grow our business and define our marketing strategy.
We may use Customer Data, Customer Data, Technical Data and Mapping Data to deliver appropriate content and advertising (including Facebook advertising) k or other advertisements) and, accordingly, to preserve the effectiveness of the previous advertisements. The legal requirements for this use are our legitimate interests, which are related to the performance of our business. We may also use this data to

We will send you other mapping messages. The legal basis for this service is either copyright or legal requirements (namely the protection of our business).

Confidential data

We do not collect any confidential data for Bac. Confidential data related to nationality or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, gender identity, gender identity, political views, membership in trade unions, information about your health, genetic and biometric data. We also do not collect information about criminal cases and registrations.

Please be careful – if the country requires us to collect personal data by law or the terms of the contract between the country and Bie do not provide us with this data upon request, it may not to try to fulfill the contract (for example, to deliver goods or services). If you do not provide us with the requested data, we may have to cancel the Bac product orders, but we will notify you immediately if we do.

We will use your personal data only for the purpose for which it is intended or if it is necessary for a purpose as close as possible to the original. For more information, please write to us at In the event that we need to use the B data for an unrelated new purpose, we will be aware of the legal reasons for the action.

We may process your personal data without your knowledge or consent, but only as permitted by law. We do not perform automated data collection or automated profiling.

Reasons for deleting personal data:
Submitted to us personally by Bac (for example, by filling out forms on our site or by sending emails);
Automatic collection of certain data received by Bac when you use our website through the use of cookies and other similar technologies. Please see our cookie policy for more details on this.
We may receive data from third parties such as: analytics providers (such as Google) based outside the EC; commercial networks (eg Facebook) based outside the EC; Data providers (such as Google) based outside the EC; Technical, reimbursable and shipping documents, informational documents or equipment.
Mapping communications

The legal basis for the processing of personal data for the purpose of marketing communications is: For our purposes or for our legitimate interests (for example, to grow our business).

In accordance with the legal provisions for the protection of personal data and electronic communications, we may receive marketing communications if:

(A) make an inquiry, post on our site or send us an inquiry about our products or services; or

(B) you will be required to receive marketing communications, although in both cases you will not normally opt out of receiving such communications. In accordance with the legal provisions, as a legal entity, we may send marketing emails without legal notice. In this case, you can also opt out of receiving marketing emails from nac at any time.

Before we share your personal data with third parties for text mapping purposes, we will ask for your consent.

You can opt-out of sending marketing communications to Bac at any time by logging into the website and your profile, and adding or removing the relevant fields/options, a to copy the mappings and assumptions.

Please note – if you opt out of receiving marketing communications, this opt-out does not apply to personal data submitted as a result of other transactions such as surveys, surveys their records, etc.

Sharing of personal data

We may share your personal data with the following people:

Providers of services that provide IT services and system administration;
Professional consultants, including lawyers, banks, auditors and accountants;
Government agencies that require us to report on traffic;
Cypriot companies;
Third parties who acquire or sell parts of our business or assets.

We require all third parties to whom we share data to respect the confidentiality of personal data and to process it in accordance with the law. Third parties may process personal data only for specific purposes and in response to our requests.

Data encryption

We have security measures in place to prevent accidental loss, use, alteration, storage or unauthorized access to your personal data. We provide access to personal data only to those customers and partners who have a business need to use such data. We ask clients to process their personal data in accordance with our requirements and to comply with the confidentiality policy.

We have procedures in place to deal with suspected data breaches and will be notified as well as the appropriate countermeasures for similar types of requests, such as it is indispensable.

Data protection

We will keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to

to fulfill the purposes for which we collected them or to comply with legal, accounting or reporting requirements.

When we consider how we may use this data, we consider its quantity, quality and sensitivity, the potential risk of unauthorized use or disclosure. Also the goals of the operation, how and whether they can be achieved through other measures and legal requirements.

Please note – tax laws require us to disclose personal information about our customers (such as contact, personal, financial and bank details) sions) in the continuation of up to ten years, since you decided to be our clients.

In certain circumstances, we may anonymize your personal data for research or statistical purposes, in which case we may use this information officially and without notice.

Bashite ппава

General data protection laws have rights in relation to personal data, which include the right to request access, copying, erasure, suppression, etc. privacy, privacy policy, data privacy and (where applicable privacy policy is privacy) to opt-out the corner.

If you would like to receive any of the above, please contact:

There is no charge for accessing the personal data (or for monitoring any of the data). However, the law allows us to impose a temporary fee if the application is manifestly non-renewal, frivolous or objectionable, or is not admissible to the public. entities.

We may need to request personal information from you to confirm your privacy and to guarantee your right to access your personal data (or to protect any of your rights ). This privacy policy ensures that personal data will not be hidden from persons who do not have the right to receive it. We may also contact you to request additional information about your request in order to prepare our response.

The response time for all legitimate requests is one month. In the event that the request is extremely difficult or you have sent several requests and cannot be answered in the month’s notices, we will notify you.

If you are not satisfied with the manner in which your personal data is collected and used, you have the right to file a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data ( We will be grateful if you contact us first before commenting or complaining, so that we can find a way to fix the problem.

Links to third parties

This website may include links to other third-party websites, plugins and applications. Clicking on these links or activating them may allow third parties to collect or share data about Bac. We do not control these websites and are therefore not responsible for technical lapses on the website. When you visit our website, we recommend that you read the privacy notice of each website you visit.