Our Services

Consulting activity

It is done on-site at our office, over the phone, or at a location where a problem or the potential for one can be identified. The professional opinion will be accompanied by an action plan to prevent the problem. Additional guidance and advice will be provided during and after the consultation.


Trade in seeds, fertilizers and preparations for plant protection is mostly done at competitive prices for the market. We work with large companies with whom we have built trust and accuracy. The flexible method of payments allows our clients to manage to keep within the terms of the agronomic measures that are planned for them.


Since we are located in the Razgrad region, all the surrounding areas are fully accessible to us and the transport is on our side for everything up to 3.5 tons.

We also have smaller cars for smaller loads (up to 600 kg and up to 2 tons) if the requests are smaller.

Anything over 3.5 tonnes will be arranged with separate transport, again arranged by us.